Invitation… New Story



Well, Hello Hi and no bye bye… 😉


Guess who’s back? Me!


After taking some time off, I am ready and very excited to introduce my new tale… TEMPTATION!


I do hope the title, and a new story from me is enough to tempt you to come check out the blog being launched today.


Are you ready to be enticed? If so, click on the link below…


Temptation by Jigs


An important note for my Revealed readers… please be advised the doors to the blog will be officially closed, along with it being removed from IF on June 1st. I do hope you get a chance to catch up with the journey before it is securely locked away in a special corner in my heart.


Hope to see you on the blog!


Love always,


48 thoughts on “Invitation… New Story

  1. Jigs, thank you…you took a very very, teeny tiny break. So thrilled to read and be on a journey of Temptations.

    After Revealed, I can’t think anything can top that, but the new title gives me goosebumps. So I am set.😄😄😄😄


  2. Yaay…welcome ji welcome…Only hello hi and never bye bye to Arshiland…So Jigs taking us to another memorable journey to a fictional place which is so real to us eternal fans of IPKKND.
    Thanks in advance for a new story.


  3. Thank you for the invitation, and also for not taking a break. Love you all FFs, they are like an addiction, we need a dose regularly.


  4. Thank you for the invite. Sry i didnt thank you in the previous comment. Looking forward to the new story and your edited version of stripped too. It is my fav


  5. Goes without saying – one bite and we are smitten… Remains to be determined who is tempting who 🙂 welcome back my dear have been thoroughly missed …


  6. Oh…..NEW STORIES 😀
    means freshly baked yummy cookies from jigs
    can’t wait to read ….It’s TEMPTING me already
    looking forward to read it dear
    and about ur old stories u have already closed stripped that’s my all time favourite i wish i could read it again sometimes 🙁
    anyways Congratz on new story

    with Love
    Mrs.HULK <3


  7. Welcome back…I was so happy to see your invitation in my email box…you wouldn’t believe but “Invitation…new story” was the first thing that I opened after logging into my email..well…what can I say…blog looks very very interesting…you have selected an interesting theme and pictures as well..they suite to the name of the story..and the quotes…they are so suitable and brought instant smile on my face…you have started so damn perfect..and I like that you have prepared so well…this shows your involvement in the story…I really like the writers who think so well about every aspect before starting..and I am so looking forward to read this…eagerly waiting for 25th May…can’t resist temptation…see you soon…!!


  8. Dear Jigs, Thank you very much for the link. Can’t wait to find out what is in store for us or rather what is in store for our beloved couple ArHi. Cheers, Raji


  9. Wowwww…. I am so so so happy that you didn’t take a year long break.. 😁😀😂 I was missing Revealed so much but now I have something amazing to look forward to…
    Pls Pls begin sooner than soon


  10. Welcome back Jigs sis

    though i feel bad for your small break i literally jump up and down in my bed after seeing my’m excited..the title itself tempts me..Thank you for your return with the story and reminder about revealed..i gonna miss revealed:(


  11. Happy to see you so cheerful.

    Excited for temptation, and we all supporting you for decision regarding revealed.

    Wanna know are you going to removed stripped as well?? I haven’t read it and wished to read stripped, so asking u, hoping i can read one more completed creation of yours. Do let me know if i can.

    Best wishes for temptation journey.
    Loads of love❤


  12. Hello Jigs.
    I have been a silent reader before and following you now so I can enjoy your new story Temptation.
    Hope I am welcome.:)
    Thank you.


  13. Oops I’m late by a few days. Can you please grant me the access to your blog of revealed. It’s sad tha plagiarism are destroying the very beautiful relationship between a reader and a writer. It’s heartbreaking that several other readers who were beaten by time will be kept away from reading beautiful works just because of a bunch of losers who lack originality and creativity!


    1. Hi, thank you for your interest in reading Revealed. But unfortunately it is closed for now. If I ever open it up in the future I will send out a notification. Sorry…


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