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The journey between a husband and wife struggling to keep their relationship together is real and serious as you can get. All relationships have ups and downs, but they will only last if you choose to work at it, and fight for it.


A Birthday One Shot for Choti (chotidesi)!

Arnav and Khushi’s daughter, Gulaab turns eighteen

Ineffable – Expression of Love:

A collaboration by Ruchi (Arshi67) and Jigs (Chokri_ASR)

Ineffable… too overwhelming to be expressed in words, whether it’s beauty, joy or love.


A New Year’s Eve masquerade Ball where a mystery woman captivates Arnav Singh Raizada’s attention that leads to a passionate night. Come find out who she is…

Amour Sans Fin:

Arnav Singh Raizada is ready to risk it all to race in the Monaco Grand Prix after a tragic car accident a year ago.


A journey about hope and determination to see light once again after years of darkness.

9 thoughts on “Oneshots

  1. hmmmmm….do you see it now “I enjoyed reading stripped and looking forward to read many more stories from you. Good luck.”


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  2. I stumbled upon your site recently, searching for stories about the beloved Arnav and Khushi. I’m as obsessed with them as my adoration for period drama. I absolutely loved Stripped…every nuance, every character was a sheer delight. I’m looking forward to reading Mr and Mrs Raizada…whenever you share the password 🙂


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  3. Loved reading all the Oneshots…you are a really beautiful and gifted writer Jigs 🙂 .
    Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful stories..! 🙂


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