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How many of you remember this story called… Stripped?


My first story that began my writing journey almost three years ago. And which, for the past year due to plagiarism has been locked away. However, after the many requests that have poured in for another chance to read it, not to mention the dire itch at my fingertips to edit the story… I would like to announce that Stripped is officially being relaunched!  


Mark your calendars, a week from today, as the clock hits midnight New York time on October 2nd, the Prologue will be posted!


In the meantime, come check out the renovated blog which includes a glimpse of images in the Galleria for the Prologue. And a newly added section for The Cast.


Hope you will join me where… “Emotions laid bare and Stripped of all pretense…”


I am very much looking forward to recreating the magic, the memories of my first story with you all. Thank you for taking the chance with this amateur writer!


Loads of love, 





26 thoughts on “Mark your calendar…

  1. Oh wow Jigs:)! Congrats:)! Can’t wait to read the brilliant story again. There’s a magic in all of your stories which attracts everyone to you. We all get addicted to each and every story but “stripped” has its own place or rather pedestal. Thank you for giving us another opportunity to enjoy the journey😊.


  2. Great stories never are far off in an avid readers mind.. ‘ Stripped’ resides forever in mine .. Greedy that I am cannot wait for when you relaunch ‘ Revealed’ too miss Aneri and her aloo paranthas xxx


  3. Stripped was the story from which i got to know you di…!!
    Stripped was towards its end when i joined…
    I remember reading it like craazzy to finish the story…!!
    This is such a great news that we will be able to read it again…!!
    Eagerly waiting di….!!😘😘😘😘


  4. Hey Jigs, Are you planning on opening Stripped again soon, eagerly waiting for it.?


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