Aneri’s Story is here… Caim!

Hello my lovelies!   It’s been awhile since I posted on this blog, and today, I come with some good news 😉   Please join me as I reveal a new story… Caim! A story spun based on a character […]

Happy New Year!

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, hurray! It’s a New Year already!   We often look forward to the new year to start afresh and turn over a new page. And I, for one, am so […]


    “Will he be able to see again?” The tightening in her throat caused her to pause and look at the man beside her, when he squeezed her hand. But she had no intentions of giving up. “Doctor, you […]

Welcome All!

    Dearest Readers,   As you can see I have relocated to this sleek new place which is now my new home. Yes, we have gone through a facelift, which I will admit was an excruciating process, learning the […]

Drabble – T’was the night before the wedding…

  T’was the night before the wedding at almost midnight, and all was not quiet in the Gupta Mansion. The inhabitants were scampering around with preparations for the big day. From the young to the old, from family to friends, not a […]

A Drabble… Raja aur Rani ki Kahaani

This drabble is in honor of the squeaky, creaky bed in Revealed, inspired by everyone’s reaction from the teaser to what it actually turned out to be. Enjoy!   Once upon a time, in a mansion deep in the wealthy valleys of […]

Mark your calendar…

      How many of you remember this story called… Stripped?   My first story that began my writing journey almost three years ago. And which, for the past year due to plagiarism has been locked away. However, after […]