A Drabble… Raja aur Rani ki Kahaani

This drabble is in honor of the squeaky, creaky bed in Revealed, inspired by everyone’s reaction from the teaser to what it actually turned out to be. Enjoy!


Once upon a time, in a mansion deep in the wealthy valleys of San Diego California, there was a Raja who lived in the East wing, and a  Rani who lived in the West wing.


Raja was the Gupta’s first furniture purchase when they arrived to the States. He moved with them from their small two bedroom apartment to this present spacious six bedroom mansion.


When they arrived in the mansion, thanks to the King, he continued to be of service to them in the master bedroom. But then one fine day, the Queen realized he was too small and he was moved to the Princess’s suite, right next to her crib.


The adorable, happy baby growing up to a cute toddler, played on him with her family. Even moving out of the crib into his arms.  He watched over the little Princess, protecting her from falling off of him and from the evil, wicked Princess Payal.


But then one fine day when she turned five, the King had him replaced and Rani moved in. He was left alone, once again to be moved out to be closer to the King’s room. How he missed Princess Khushi… he would listen through the walls for her tinkling laughter, her sweet voice.


But today she had returned back to him, along with her handsome Prince. He was elated when Ram, his friend, spruced up the room, along with him for their arrival.


He lived to tell the tale to Rani.


It was time to let her know, the victory in the end was his…


“Rani… Rani… can you hear me?” He tapped his headboard against the wall.


“Of course, I can hear you… with all that squeaking and creaking, the whole house can hear.”


“Watch your cushion you old bat… you aren’t getting any younger. I can hear your springs bouncing all the way here. But whatever… guess who has returned back to me?”


“Who, your master? But he always returns to you when he fights with the queen. Wait… did they fight about the female dog and her obnoxious husband?”


“No they didn’t fight about Payal… and it’s bitch, not female dog….”


“Well the little girl is here doing her homework, so I have watch my mattress from not blurting out swear words.”


Raja flew the covers around, at this woman as she was losing her headboard, but he needed to get back to point.


“Arrey, bas with your bak bak… Princess Khushi is back with her Prince. And they are staying in my room, sleeping on me. How do you like them apples?”  He said proudly.


“Kya? Per kyun? Oh how I miss her and the prince sleeping on my mattress.   Listening to sweet, romantic talks and those long action filled nights…”


“Well tough luck… they are with me now, since the little girl is in Princess’s room. And I get to hear them talk as well, not to mention seeing some of their *ahem* action.”


Rani rapped her headboard several times against the wall, laughing uncontrollably.


“With all your creaking, not much is going to happen in there. The princess won’t allow the poor prince to get far. I can bet there is only kissing and that’s all the action you will see out of those two.”


“No you watch I will stay firmly in place, so there’s not much noise. I was just… um… caught off guard when he flipped her and got on top of her.”


“Buddhu… how  could you not know? Once they start kissing, it’s a well known fact there will be more to come. Oh well… I have seen a lot of action from those two on my mattress. I remember the first time…”


“Wait… did you say a lot?”


“Yup! They are quite active I tell you… like the first time after the Princess got married and they came to visit. That night they were at it at least three times. My poor princess didn’t get any sleep.”


“I don’t believe you… the king and queen were not like that when I was in their room.”


“They are too formal, sort of stuck up, you know what I mean?  But our Princess Khushi and Prince Arnav love each other and have a way of expressing it through their actions. The way he passionately kisses her, and she kisses him back even deeper. The fiery touches, as they caress one another all over their body, igniting the sheets to light up. Oh, when he thrusts inside of her, sending her up against the headboard, and they continue to rock the bed over and over again until they hit euphoria finding their release. Their heavy breathing and cries fill the air, it’s music to these walls and I dance back and forth along with them. Ahhh YES! It’s pure bliss, or as the prince says “beatitudine”… Rani sniggered, bouncing her box spring.


“Damn you Rani! Now I want some action here, these sheets have been dry way too long… I hope they find the same elation here with me. Damn you!”


“I smell something burning all the way here… but time and your squeaky springs will tell my budda Raja.”


“Indeed, time will tell my Rani!”

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  1. 😘😘😘😘❤️violetgirl..the story of a bed..how can these simple things be turned into something so amusing yet something which touches your heart.,!i love these independent os s!!


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